Latest research on Aspart

Insulin aspart is a recombinant, biosynthetic, fast-acting insulin analogue. It has a single amino acid substitution at position B28 where proline is replaced with aspartic acid. This substitution decreases its propensity to form hexamers and gives it a higher rate of absorption following subcutaneous administration compared to native insulin. Insulin aspart is produced in a genetically modified strain of _Saccharomyces cerevisiae_ and harvested from a bioreactor.

Aspart side effects

The patient’s daily insulin dose has been progressively increased to a regimen of glargine 115 units twice a day and Aspart 45–60 units prior to each meal. [source, 2016]
Studies of the insulin secretagogues Repaglinide and Glibenclamide, and prandial insulin Aspart have shown increased platelet reactivity,34,35 whereas insulin sensitizers improved platelet reactivity.36,37 [source, 2015]
Because of a unique mechanism of protraction, IDeg can be combined with the rapid-acting prandial insulin analogue, insulin Aspart (IAsp) [7], in insulin degludec/insulin Aspart (IDegAsp), resulting in a soluble co-formulation with 70 % IDeg and 30 % IAsp [8]. [source, 2015]
These two studies suggest an equivalent efficacy of IDegAsp versus biphasic insulin Aspart 30 for HbA1c reduction, with a decreased risk of overall and nocturnal hypoglycemia and probably a reduction of severe hypoglycemia in the maintenance period. [source, 2015]
Glulisine, because of formulation changes, shows faster onset of action in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies than insulin Aspart or insulin lispro, especially in obese people, but it has not been possible to show that these differences are clinically meaningful, such that the overall plasma glucose profile appears similar 24. [source, 2015]
This is because in the phenolic SEC eluent (similar to the pharmaceutical formulation), Insulin detemir elutes as a hexamer [11, 15], as does insulin Aspart, so the two insulin analogs (and any hybrid associations) would therefore be indistinguishable using this method. [source, 2015]
A combination of insulin degludec at the high zinc concentration with insulin Aspart, however, showed a dihexamer content corresponding almost exactly to the proportion of insulin degludec, although an increased amount of dihexamer was still seen with human insulin. [source, 2015]
In the latter situation, the percentage of insulin Aspart eluting in the monomer–hexamer fraction decreased from 99 to 64%, implying that about a third of the insulin Aspart was associating into dihexameric structures with Insulin detemir. [source, 2015]
This problem has hitherto prevented the co-formulation of two different insulin analogs that have distinct and desired PK/PD profiles (e.g., Insulin detemir and insulin Aspart) because these profiles would have been compromised by such interactions. [source, 2015]
She maintained insulin therapy using insulin Aspart and insulin detemer without side effects and gave birth to a 3-kg baby via C-section at 37+3 weeks of pregnancy. [source, 2015]