Latest research on Cyclophosphamide

Precursor of an alkylating nitrogen mustard antineoplastic and immunosuppressive agent that must be activated in the liver to form the active aldophosphamide. It has been used in the treatment of lymphoma and leukemia. Its side effect, alopecia, has been used for defleecing sheep. Cyclophosphamide may also cause sterility, birth defects, mutations, and cancer. [PubChem]

Latest findings

Subsequently, approximately 1 × 104 infected EGFP-OSCs were injected into the ovaries of recipient female mice pretreated with Cyclophosphamide and busulphan or into the ovaries of wild-type mice. [source, 2016]
From July 2010 until April 2012, 250 women participated in the multicenter phase III NEOZOTAC trial, randomizing between TAC chemotherapy (75 mg/m2 Docetaxel, 50 mg/m2 Doxorubicin, and 500 mg/m2 Cyclophosphamide) with or without Zoledronic acid (4 mg within 24 hours after chemotherapy). [source, 2016]
The patient was transferred to the ICU with worsening of respiratory failure for a trial of plasmapheresis and steroids (no Cyclophosphamide as patient was Quantiferon Gold positive). [source, 2016]
Patient’s SOB has significantly improved with plasmapheresis and low dose Prednisone alone (no Cyclophosphamide). [source, 2016]
Our patient was treated with plasmapheresis only as she had contraindication to initiation of immunosuppression (Cyclophosphamide), after which she showed significant clinical improvement. [source, 2016]
In these analyses, medication costs were assessed and include any of the eight groups of prescription medications used to possibly treat IPF (corticosteroids, Azathioprine, Cyclophosphamide, N-acetylcysteine, Sildenafil, interferon-gamma, bosentan, etanercept). [source, 2016]
The patient received unrelated hematopoietic stem cell transplantation from a 1-allele mismatched donor after undergoing Busulfan, Etoposide, Cyclophosphamide, and antithymocyte globulin-based conditioning. [source, 2016]
Subsequently, positive effects were obtained in the study that combined continuous low dose rate irradiation and concurrent infusion of Bleomycin, Cyclophosphamide, cis-platinum, 5-Fluorouracil, Actinomycin D, and Mitomycin C, which is chemoradiotherapy. [source, 2016]
Six patients were also given Cyclophosphamide pulses (4-6 pulses of 500 mg/m2 at four weekly intervals). [source, 2016]
After 4 months, plasmapheresis was performed with little improvement, so it was decided to start Cyclophosphamide treatment. [source, 2016]