Latest research on Darunavir

Darunavir is a protease inhibitor used to treat HIV. It acts on the HIV aspartyl protease which the virus needs to cleave the HIV polyprotein into its functional fragments.

Latest findings

Furthermore, Ethanol exposure significantly decreased the IC50 values of Amprenavir, Darunavir, and nelfinavir but robustly elevated the IC50 of Indinavir and Ritonavir [12, 13], suggesting a differential impact of Ethanol on the binding and bio-transformation of protease inhibitors. [source, 2016]
TDF levels are also raised significantly when co-administered with either cobicistat or three ritonavir-boosted PIs – Lopinavir, Darunavir (DRV) and atazanavir (ATV) [35–39]. [source, 2016]
For other drugs, an in-vitro inhibitory concentration (IC50/90/95) adjusted for protein binding (e.g. Darunavir [15], rilpivirine [16]) informs the dosing schedule. [source, 2016]
Tail data in healthy volunteers is available for boosted atazanavir [19,20], boosted Lopinavir once and twice daily [20], boosted Darunavir [19], co-formulated efavirenz/tenofovir/emtricitabine [21], dolutegravir [22], co-formulated elvitegravir/cobicistat/tenofovir/emtricitabine [22] and co-formulated rilpivirine/tenofovir/emtricitabine [23] and is presented in Table 1. [source, 2016]
Single doses of Darunavir up to 3200 mg and atazanavir up to 1200 mg have been administered to healthy volunteers with no apparent ill effects [32,33]. [source, 2016]
A minority would replace EFV with raltegravir, Nevirapine, atazanavir or Darunavir, citing potency or concerns about EFV side effects. [source, 2016]
Exposure to Darunavir, RTV, and ATV for periods in excess of ≥2 years appeared to be protective for cLEE (Figure 2, Supplementary Table 1). [source, 2016]
The HARRT regiments were based on 2 reverse transcriptase inhibitors (mainly Combivir, Truvada, or Kivexa) and either a nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (Efaviranze) or a boosted protease inhibitor (mainly Kaletra, boosted Atazanavir, or boosted Darunavir) or an integrase inhibitor (Isentress). [source, 2016]
The patient's treatment was switched to Zidovudine, Lamivudine, raltegravir and boosted Darunavir. [source, 2016]
Subject headings and keywords were tailored for each electronic resource using the following concepts: (atazanavir OR Darunavir OR dolutegravir OR Fosamprenavir OR Indinavir OR Lopinavir OR saquinavir) AND (Efavirenz OR enfuvirtide OR etravirine OR Lamivudine OR maraviroc OR Nevirapine OR raltegravir OR rilpivirine OR saquinavir OR Tenofovir OR tipranavir). [source, 2016]