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An antilipemic agent which reduces both cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. [PubChem]

Latest findings

Her medications included Warfarin 3 mg OD, Digoxin 250 mcg OD, Bisoprolol 1.25 mg OD, Fenofibrate 300 mg OD, Furosemide 20 mg OD, Potassium Chloride 600 mg OD, Glipizide 2.5 mg BiD and Metformin 850 mg BiD. [source, 2016]
Fenofibrate, a PPARα agonist, and Pioglitazone, a PPARγ agonist, are widely used in the clinical setting for the management of dyslipidemia and insulin resistance. [source, 2016]
It is not known whether PPAR activation (Fenofibrate and Pioglitazone treatment) will increase hepatic lipid content by inducing LADPs expression. [source, 2016]
Moreover, we investigated the effects of PPAR activation on the regulation of these LADPs in HFD-induced obese mice treated with Fenofibrate or Pioglitazone for 20 weeks. [source, 2016]
After 1 week of acclimation, the animals were randomly assigned to receive one of the following treatments for 20 weeks: chow diet, HFD (20% of energy as carbohydrates, 20% as protein, and 60% as fat, as a percentage of total kcal, manufactured by SLAC), HFD + Fenofibrate (30 mg/kg body weight, Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO, USA), and HFD + Pioglitazone (10 mg/kg body weight, Sigma-Aldrich). [source, 2016]
Fenofibrate treatment greatly inhibited the increase in body weight and fat mass (epididymal fat and subcutaneous fat) induced by consumption of an HFD. [source, 2016]
Fasting glucose levels were reduced early in the experimental period in mice treated with either Fenofibrate or Pioglitazone. [source, 2016]
Furthermore, both Fenofibrate and Pioglitazone corrected glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity (Figures 1(a)–1(d)). [source, 2016]
Moreover, after treatment with Fenofibrate or Pioglitazone daily for 20 weeks, FSP27/CIEDC expression was reduced by 51% and 29%, respectively; this difference was statistically significant for Fenofibrate only (P < 0.05, Figure 2(b)). [source, 2016]
In the present study, we provided evidence supporting previous findings that both Fenofibrate (a PPARα agonist) and Pioglitazone (a PPARγ agonist) significantly improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, with Fenofibrate exhibiting superior effects in mice fed an HFD. [source, 2016]