Latest research on Humira

Adalimumab is a human monoclonal antibody against TNF-alpha. It is produced by recombinant DNA technology using a mammalian cell expression system. It consists of 1330 amino acids and has a molecular weight of approximately 148 kilodaltons.

Humira dosage

Humira showed very potent, dose-dependent inhibition of IL-8 levels (IC50 = 0.00534 nM), whereas BIRB 796 and RV1088 did not reach 50% inhibition at the concentrations tested where cell viability was unaffected. [source, 2015]
This patient was prescribed two doses of Humira, to reduce levels of TNFα. [source, 2015]
All currently existing anticancer therapies involving TNF are targeted towards the ligand, TNF itself, which includes administration of very high doses of exogenous TNF for melanoma treatment [14]–[16] or use of soluble receptors and/or various forms of TNF antibodies (Remicade, Humira) and a soluble TNF receptor fusion protein (Enbrel) [17], [18]. [source, 2014]
All patients were treated with adalimumab (Humira) subcutaneous, at standard doses as it follows: 160 mg at week 0.80 mg at week 2 and afterwards 40 mg at a 2 week interval. [source, 2014]