Latest research on Betaseron

Human interferon beta (165 residues), cysteine 17 is substituted with serine. Produced in E. coli, no carbohydrates, MW=18.5kD

Betaseron side effects

Together with the Betaseron Pregnancy Registry, the preponderance of data suggest no pattern of increased negative outcomes for women and infants exposed to interferon β formulations during pregnancy, a finding that was supported by a recent review of the literature related to interferon β exposure during pregnancy (N=1105).34 [source, 2014]
The interferons (Avonex, Betaseron, and Rebif) are all “Category C” drugs, meaning they caused some harm to fetuses in animal studies [4]. [source, 2014]
A 26-year-old lady with RRMS since 11 months ago who had been treated with Betaseron (8 mIU every other day) was visited in MS clinic of our hospital affiliated to Mashahd University of Medical Sciences in Mashahad, Iran because of icter and fatigue from 3 days ago. [source, 2011]