Latest research on Misoprostol

A synthetic analog of natural prostaglandin E1. It produces a dose-related inhibition of gastric acid and pepsin secretion, and enhances mucosal resistance to injury. It is an effective anti-ulcer agent and also has oxytocic properties. [PubChem]

Latest findings

Medical abortion using mifepristone and Misoprostol is approved in India up to 63 days of gestation, and has been shown to be safe, reliable and effective [14], but awareness and knowledge is generally low among women and physicians, and implementation has been slow, especially in the public sector [15, 16]. [source, 2016]
The drug is approved for use in combination with Misoprostol in a number of countries to terminate a pregnancy, given at the dose of 200–600 mg which is 8- to 60-fold greater than the dose used for EC (WHO, 2012). [source, 2016]
Results from the analysis of the primary outcome in this randomized controlled trial showed that midwives can diagnose and treat incomplete abortion with Misoprostol as safe and effective as compared with physicians [10]. [source, 2016]
Misoprostol is proven safe and effective for treatment of incomplete abortion in the first trimester [11–13] and highly suitable in low resource settings as it is cost-effective, resource saving and heat stable [14, 15]. [source, 2016]
Studies from Sub-Saharan Africa have shown that Misoprostol for treatment of incomplete abortion is highly acceptable to women [11, 12, 16–19] and providers find it preferable [17]. [source, 2016]
This study aimed to assess women´s acceptability of Misoprostol treatment for incomplete abortion by midwives compared with physicians at district level in Uganda. [source, 2016]
The trial was designed primarily to compare safety and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment of incomplete abortion with Misoprostol by midwives and physicians (reported elsewhere) [10], and secondly to measure women’s acceptability. [source, 2016]
Exclusion criteria were; a Uterine size of more than 12 weeks of gestation; Complete abortion; suspected ectopic pregnancy; unstable hemodynamic status and shock; signs of pelvic infection or sepsis; and a known Allergy to Misoprostol. [source, 2016]
One single dose of 600mcg Misoprostol orally was given to all participants [24]. [source, 2016]
Misoprostol is a Prostaglandin e1 methyl ester and is used orally for the prevention or treatment of peptic ulcer. [source, 2016]