Latest research on Pemetrexed

Pemetrexed (brand name Alimta) is a chemotherapy drug manufactured and marketed by Eli Lilly and Company. Its indications are the treatment of pleural mesothelioma as well as non-small cell lung cancer.

Latest findings

In our example, Erlotinib and Gefitinib were frequently lumped together in EGFR TYROSINE kinase inhibitors and Docetaxel and Pemetrexed were lumped together in monochemotherapy. [source, 2016]
After two cycles of chemotherapy with Pemetrexed combined with lobaplatin, the efficacy assessment indicated PD. [source, 2016]
Among patients with non-small cell lung cancer, the most common “standard” regimens in the FAS and PAS (n=221 and n=70, respectively) were Carboplatin plus Gemcitabine (16% in both populations), Carboplatin plus Pemetrexed (11% and 6%), and Cisplatin plus Vinorelbine (6% and 13%). [source, 2016]
For refractory thymoma and thymic carcinoma, the NCCN guidelines [12] recommend single-agent or non-platinum-based chemotherapy, such as Etoposide [25], Gemcitabine [26], Paclitaxel [27], Ifosfamide [28], Pemetrexed [29], 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) and Leucovorin [30], and Octreotide (including long acting-formulation) plus Prednisolone [31]. [source, 2016]
He was treated with Carboplatin and Paclitaxel, Pemetrexed and Erlotinib plus an anti-MET antibody before enrolling on a study of anti-PD1 therapy. [source, 2016]
After stratification, patients were randomly assigned to Erlotinib or Pemetrexed. [source, 2016]
Highly synergistic growth inhibition was observed in patient-derived lung CSCs exposed to a multitarget Folate antagonist Pemetrexed followed by a histone deacetylase inhibitor ITF2357, a known autophagy inducer [38]. [source, 2016]
High RMSE values, between 1 and 1.5 pGI50 units, were observed for 11 drugs, such as the Folate antimetabolite Pemetrexed (NSC 698037) and Irinotecan (NSC 728073). [source, 2016]
Two cytotoxic agents, Docetaxel and Pemetrexed, and two epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) TYROSINE kinase inhibitors (TKIs), Erlotinib and Gefitinib, are the standard options for patients whose disease has progressed during or after the first-line, platinum-based therapy. [source, 2016]
Thereafter, similar median survival was observed for Pemetrexed, but with less toxicity when compared to Docetaxel [8]. [source, 2016]