Latest research on Raloxifene

A second generation selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) used to prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. It has estrogen agonist effects on bone and cholesterol metabolism but behaves as a complete estrogen antagonist on mammary gland and uterine tissue. [PubChem]

Raloxifene dosage

Raloxifene hydrochloride with a dose of 60 mg/d is a selective estrogen receptor modulator indicated for the prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. [source, 2015]
In the Multiple Outcomes of Raloxifene Evaluation (MORE) study, which was a large trial on use of Raloxifene, 7,705 postmenopausal women with osteoporosis were treated with Raloxifene at a dosage of 60–120 mg/d or with a placebo for 3 years. [source, 2015]
Toremifene (Orion Corporation, Finland) and Raloxifene (Eli Lilly Japan K.K.) were given at a dose of 60 mg orally every day combined with Aspirin 100 mg daily for prophylactic anti-coagulation. [source, 2015]
Studies have reported that Raloxifene at a daily dose of 120 mg preserved neural activity during a memory challenge in healthy aging men [source, 2015]
On the basis of our own findings that the action of estrogen receptors in brain may be blunted in males and females with schizophrenia and the previous studies showing beneficial effects of adjunctive Raloxifene treatment on cognition in older men and women, we predicted that adjunctive Raloxifene treatment at a daily dosage of 120 mg would improve cognitive deficits, particularly in the domain of verbal memory, and reduce symptoms in both men and women with schizophrenia. [source, 2015]
NSAIDs included Celecoxib® (Pfizer, Inc., NY, USA) at a dose of 200 mg bid [5] and Raloxifene (Hongfuda Pharmaceutical Chemical Ltd. [source, 2015]
Raloxifene has also been shown to decrease the incidence of vertebral fractures by 30 to 50 %, depending on dosage, but not the incidence of hip fractures or other non-vertebral fractures [1]. [source, 2015]
In mice, a single dose of Tamoxifen 3 mg/kg significantly increased Uterine weight similar to Estradiol (138% and 141% of ovariectomized control, respectively) at 16 hours after administration, but ospemifene and Raloxifene (3 mg/kg each) had no effects on Uterine weight at the same time point. [source, 2015]
Ospemifene (0.1-10 mg/kg/d for 28 d) caused dose-dependent increases (significant increases at 0.3-10 mg/kg) in Uterine weight compared with Raloxifene (3 mg/kg for 14 d) in ovariectomized rats. [source, 2015]
A single dose (3 mg/kg) of Tamoxifen, Raloxifene, or ospemifene resulted in increased proliferation of luminal and glandular endometrial epithelial cells in ovariectomized rats. [source, 2015]