Latest research on Remicade

Tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha) binding antibody (chimeric IgG1). It is composed of human constant and murine variable regions. Infliximab is produced by a recombinant cell line cultured by continuous perfusion

Remicade side effects

TNF blockers, specifically Humira and Remicade, reportedly increase the risk of cancer and serious infections3. [source, 2009]
As described above, several reports have shown that patients treated with Enbrel or Remicade worsen their congestive heart failure and develop serious infection and sepsis, and increase exacerbations of multiple sclerosis and other central nervous system problems [15,16]. [source, 2005]
Interestingly, the HC signal peptide 7 (H7) resulted in significantly increased secretion for Avastin, Remicade, Rituxan and Humira. [source, 2015]
Five patients discontinued home administration before the end of the year (2 because of stringent infusion planning during working hours, and in 3 patients Remicade treatment was stopped). [source, 2015]
Five out of 13 patients stopped before the end of the 1 year follow-up period (2 patients because of logistic reasons, and in 3 patients Remicade treatment was stopped). [source, 2015]
The difference in values was adopted to reflect that uptake is likely to be greater in treatment-naïve patients compared with patients who could potentially switch, because patients already receiving Remicade might be more likely to stay on their existing therapy compared with those initiating infliximab therapy. [source, 2015]
Of the four parameters explored in the sensitivity analysis, the percentage of patients treated with Remicade (i.e., the total number of patients considered in the model) had the biggest impact, because an increase or decrease in this parameter would translate directly and linearly into the projected savings (i.e., a 10% increase in patients being treated with Remicade or Remsima led to a 10% increase in projected savings, if all other model parameters remained unchanged). [source, 2015]
More than 20 antibody drugs (e.g., Herceptin for breast cancer and Remicade for rheumatoid arthritis) have been launched to date and are considered perfect agents with intense pharmacological activities and no side effects. [source, 2013]
(2) infliximab; Remicade, Centocor Inc. and (3) adalimumab; Humira, Abbott Laboratories Inc. (both TNF-α monoclonal antibodies) and one that targets IL-1 (4) anakinra; Kineret, Amgen Inc. A reason why this problem is arising for the above three strong TNF-α inhibitors may be because TNF-α has a dual nature. [source, 2005]
Remsima had not launched at the time of model development, and the exact local price of Remicade was not known, because biologics are often discounted at a local level. [source, 2015]