Latest research on Treprostinil

Treprostinil is a synthetic analogue of prostacyclin, used to treat pulmonary hypertension. Treprostinil is marketed as Remodulin®. [Wikipedia]

Latest findings

He was diagnosed with PAH and started on subcutaneous infusion of 2 ng/kg/min of Epoprostenol that was titrated upwards to a goal of 40 ng/kg/min, then transitioned to Treprostinil of 80 ng/kg/min. [source, 2016]
He is maintained on Sildenafil (20 mg three times daily), bosentan (62.5 mg twice daily), Treprostinil (121 ng/kg/min subcutaneously), and Warfarin (3 mg daily). [source, 2016]
For example, treatment with PGI2 analogs, including iloprost and Treprostinil, suppressed TNF-α expression in human myeloid dendritic cells9. [source, 2016]
In contrast, Raychaudhuri et al.60 reported that the PGI2 analogue Treprostinil blocks NF-κB nuclear translocation in human alveolar macrophages. [source, 2016]
This review will highlight the development of oral Prostacyclin therapies focusing specifically on the use and role of oral Treprostinil. [source, 2016]
Due to its inherent instability, significant effort has been directed toward the development of other, more stable Prostacyclin analogs including iloprost (T1/2=20–30 minutes), beraprost (T1/2=40–60 minutes), and Treprostinil (T1/2 =180–270 minutes). [source, 2016]
For example, Epoprostenol has some affinity for the vasoconstrictive Prostaglandin e1 (EP1), prostaglandin E3 (EP3), and thromboxane (TP) receptors, while Treprostinil can also bind the vasodilatory Prostaglandin E2 (EP2) and prostaglandin D2 (DP1) receptors. [source, 2016]
Similarly, it appears that iloprost and Treprostinil, but not Epoprostenol, have potent venodilator effects in isolated human pulmonary veins which may be mediated through DP1 receptors. [source, 2016]
Simonneau et al,21 in a Phase III randomized controlled trial (RCT), demonstrated that SubQ Treprostinil improved exercise tolerance (median placebo-corrected 6MWD 16 m), dyspnea indices, and hemodynamics in PAH patients at 12 weeks compared to placebo. [source, 2016]
Most recently, an oral formulation of Treprostinil was developed, becoming the only other oral prostanoid to be tested in large clinical trials. [source, 2016]