Latest research on Xolair

A recombinant DNA-derived humanized IgG1k monoclonal antibody that selectively binds to human immunoglobulin E (IgE). Xolair is produced by a Chinese hamster ovary cell suspension culture in a nutrient medium containing the antibiotic gentamicin.

Xolair dosage

So, the maintenance dose was reduced to 80 mg per day, and 300 mg of anti-IgE (Xolair, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland) was given with repeated dose every 4 weeks. [source, 2014]
In late 1990s, professor Chang returned to his alumina Tsinghua University at Hsin-Chu, Taiwan from the United States where he and his former wife set up Tanox, a successful company that co-developed an asthma drug called Omalizumab (trade name Xolair, Roche/Genentech and Novartis), which is a humanized antibody used to reduce sensitivity to inhaled or ingested allergens, especially in the control of moderate to severe allergic asthma which does not respond to high doses of corticosteroids [19]. [source, 2013]