Latest research on anti-RSV

Humanized monoclonal antibody (IgG1k) produced by recombinant DNA technology, directed to an epitope in the A antigenic site of the F protein of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Synagis is a composite of human (95%) and murine (5%) antibody sequences. The human heavy chain sequence was derived from the constant domains of human IgG1 and the variable framework regions of the VH genes Cor (1) and Cess (2). The human lightchain sequence was derived from the constant domain of Ck and the variable framework regions of the VL gene K104 withJk-4. Palivizumab is expressed from a stable murine (mouse) myeloma cell line (NS0). Palivizumab is composed of to heavy chains (50.6 kDa each) and two light chains (27.6 kDa each), contains 1-2% carbohydrate by weight and has a molecular weight of 147.7 kDa +/- 1 kDa (MALDI-TOF)

anti-RSV indications

Interestingly, the treatment with PHPS1 attenuated the anti-RSV effects of IFN-α in A549 cells to a significant degree. [source, 2015]
It seems to be possible that RGE may have dual mechanisms of anti-RSV activity and an anti-inflammatory effect upon RSV infection. [source, 2015]
Moreover, Ribavirin has low anti-RSV activity (EC50 on Hep2 cells, for RSV-A virus: 30 μM) and reduced selectivity index [7], which could explain the controversial effectiveness observed in clinical settings with this drug. [source, 2015]
The lack of protective effect of FI-RSV vaccine and its correlation to a more severe infection were probably due to several factors, including inadequate development of incomplete affinity maturation of the antibodies, poorly neutralizing antibodies against RSV encoded epitopes, and lack of an anti-RSV cytotoxic T lymphocyte response [73]. [source, 2015]
However, Ribavirin efficacy against RSV is limited and severe adverse effects, in particular an increased risk of anemia and mitochondrial toxicity (Canonico, 1985; Gilbert and Knight, 1986; Huggins et al., 1991), undermine its clinical use for anti-RSV therapy. [source, 2015]
However, Magro et al. reported that most of the neutralizing antibodies in polyclonal human or rabbit anti-RSV immune sera do not bind to the post-fusion F protein [20] leading them to suggest that the majority of effective human neutralizing antibody binding sites reside on the pre-fusion F protein and not the post-fusion form. [source, 2015]
Prophylactic treatment with palivizumab, an anti-RSV F protein neutralizing antibody has proven to be effective in preventing serious complications of RSV infection in high risk infants and young children; however, it has not been effective in treating active infection [7,8]. [source, 2015]
In contrast, SARM knockdown almost completely reversed the anti-RSV effects of resveratrol. [source, 2015]
Comparing with the anti-RSV activity of Ribavirin, there were significant differences in the prophylactic and virucidal effects of MBS extract and Ribavirin (P < 0.05) at the same time of incubation. [source, 2015]
The effective anti-RSV and anti-HSV1 activities of MBS extract were significant. [source, 2015]