Latest research on dexlansoprazole

TAK-390MR is an investigational for the treatment of acid related disorders.. TAK-390MR employs a new modified release (MR) technology on an enantiomer of lansoprazole.

Latest findings

In addition, dexlansoprazole MR provided complete relief of heartburn symptoms for a median of 55% of 24-hour periods over 28 days in patients with symptomatic nonerosive GERD. [source, 2009]
The safety profile of dexlansoprazole MR is similar to that of lansoprazole. [source, 2009]
Because dexlansoprazole MR can be taken without regard to food or time of day it is more convenient for individuals who find compliance with meal-associated dosing of medication difficult or eat at irregular times. [source, 2009]
The prolonged duration of acid suppression provided by dexlansoprazole MR addresses the short half-life of conventional PPI and offers a novel approach to extending gastric pH control in patients with selected acid-related disorders. [source, 2009]